Monday, February 20, 2012

Crack pot for my Crock Pot.

I'm passionate about a few things.  One of them is my crock pot.  It may be a little weird, but it is what it is.
I think I would be able to operate my kitchen with only my crock pot and a hot plate.  Who needs an oven?  I don't.

                                                                 My well loved Crock Pot.

Five things you can cook with your Crock Pot.

1.  Beans! Beans! Beans!
Don't buy canned beans,  dry is way cheaper.  Put a bunch of dry beans in your crock pot.  Cover with water and let them sit over night.  The next day,  strain them and give them a good rinse.  Put the beans back in the crock pot and cover with more water (about an inch over the beans) and cook on low all day.  You can check them after about 6 hours and see how they're doing.  You may need to add more water.  Different beans cook in different ways.  When they are soft,  strain them and rinse them and let them cool a bit then you can put them in a big ziploc bag and put them in the freezer.  Then just use them the same way you would canned beans.

2.  Meat
Throw a big chunk (or chunks) of meat in the crock pot, and cook.  Chop it up and freeze it.  This is so handy.
Did you know you can even cook hamburger in your crock pot?  Just put your ground beef in the crock pot,  don't break it up, you want it to stay in a brick shape.  Cook on high for about an hour or two, then turn down to low for a few more hours.  Check doneness with a meat thermometer. There will be a lot of liquid,  drain this out and then break up your ground beef.  This is really good to have in your freezer for spaghetti sauces and stuff.

3.  Baby Food
We're getting close to that time again,  another month or two and I'll be making baby food all the time.  The crock pot can be helpful for making some of the pureed vegetables.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, applesauce can all be done in the crock pot.  Just peel and chop your whatever and put it in the crock pot with a little bit of water,  cook on low.  When they are soft, just mash them up.

4.  Chicken Stock
After an evening of pigging out on chicken,  put the carcass in your crock pot,  add some celery, carrots or onions if you want,  cover with water and cook on low for like 24 hours.  Strain out the liquid and if you feel like it you can pick the meat off the bones.  Put the broth in jars or old yogurt tubs and freeze.

5.  Yogurt
I've been making my own yogurt for a few years now.  I have never tried it in my crock pot.  I'm a failure.
Here is a good tutorial on Crock Pot Yogurt.

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  1. No you are not a failure. You make yogurt, Just not in your crock pot. nothing wrong with that. Now I am one who rarely makes stuff in my crock pot there is a problem if I ever knew one.

  2. I found your blog post via the Healthy 2Day link up. I LOVE my CrockPot. ..right now I"ve just made chicken and soups in there. I just discovered you can make a roast chicken in the CrockPot...I"m DEFINITELY going to try that :) :) Oh, your CrockPot looks old and well-used :) :) All the good appliances always last forever :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Great idea about the hamburger in the crockpot - Ive never tried that. And the beans, too. I'm definitely going to make beans this way. I've been reluctant to cook dried beans because they seem labour intensive - but this way sounds easy. Thanks!