Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Victory Through Grapefruit

Well, I'm not one who should give cleaning advise.  I'm not a cleaner or an organizer.  It's odd that I've been doing a bit of both in the last few days.  The organizing has been a failure,  but the cleaning has given me a small victory.  I'll start with the victory first.

Grapefruit...  We have been eating a ton of it.  This is wonderful in so many ways,  however it's kind of annoying when I have to empty the compost bucket four times a day.  It's the middle of winter and my compost pile is not conveniently located.  I figured out something useful to do with all the grapefruit peelings and it has to do with cleaning my house.  VICTORY.

Take your citrus peels and let them dry on the counter for a few days.  Then grind them up in your food processor.  What you end up with is grapefruit powder.  You can use this powder to clean your bathroom sink or tub or counter-tops.  I mix mine with a bit of baking soda and use a scrubber.  It smells really good and it's anti-bacterial too.

I also want to try this too.  Put all your grapefruit peels in a jar and cover with vinegar. Let it sit for a month, then strain and use as an anti-bacterial spray.

And now to the failure.  I realized yesterday that my cupboards were full of empty jars and small, opened baggies of lentils or beans.  I had the idea of putting the contents of the random little baggies into the jars, therefore eliminating the empty jars and the little baggies.  Brilliant, no?

What I ended up with was a cupboard full of this...

The jar full,  but still the little baggy of stuff.  My hopes and dreams shattered.

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  1. I love the grapefruit idea, as they don't really compost well anyhow. (and the chickens won't eat them) I know the feeling of the jar thing, you look and think "this will fit" and it doesn't! You need bigger jars...put up a sign in Coop and see if anyone will hand some over to you!