Thursday, April 12, 2012

And the secret ingredient is.....

       Last week I wrote about how I'm trying new vegetables.  Kale was our big suprise,  we love kale and I'm constanly finding ways to add it to our food.  This week's secret ingredient is  Fennel.  I don't know a thing about fennel,  except what I need to know and that is this.... it's a cure for gas.  A few people in my household may or may not have an 'issue' with flatulence,  that's all I'm saying.  But, we've been enjoying having fennel around.
       So,  what do you do with fennel?   I really don't know.  I chopped it up and ate it fresh,  it tasted like celery but sweeter.  I also added it to my potato soup in place of celery.  It tasted the same.  Looking online for recipes was no help,  it seems that most people who cook with fennel also cook with things that are outside my sphere of home cookin'.  Food snobs I call them.
       Anyways,  fennel is here to stay.  If anybody has some regular person recipe that uses fennel, please share.

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  1. I like fennel too :) Try pairing it with star anise, and/or nutmeg when you cook a chicken, turkey, or pork roast. The drippings will make a yummy soup.