Wednesday, May 2, 2012

  Alex and I have always dreamed of being those types of real gardeners,  the kind that eat there own carrots all year and never buy a store bought tomato and have enough to feed their neighbours too.  The problem is, we suck at gardening.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing and Alex is usually too busy to help me out.  This year though,  we both want to make an effort.  We really want to be amazing gardeners,  it might not happen this year,  but at least we'll try some new things and maybe learn what works and what doesn't.  So,  here is a tour of our soon to be garden.

This is the first time ever we have tried to start our own seeds.  We used egg cartons, milk cartons, and last years seedling pots and then strawberry containers to make a little green house. So far, so good but, I hear the tricky part is transitioning them to the garden.

And here is our new garden.  Soil to come soon (hopefully).  We are going to try the square foot gardening method,  we'll see how it goes.  After a few years of our garden getting completly washed out or having terrible weeds or some type of disease we finally took the plunge and got raised beds.  I'm so excited.

This is our compost system.  We put all of our new compost in the garbage can with holes in it.  We roll it around everyday to mix it up.  Then we store our almost ready compost in this box type thingy that Alex made out of old pallets he got for free at home hardware.

I can't wait for the weather to get nice.  I'll try to update our garden progress through out the summer.

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  1. Well now, this is an exciting post! Those pallets look great! Do you know there are whole websites devoted to how to use pallets for everything from a guest house to a compost bin? One good thing about your location ~ lots of very helpful and knowledgeable gardeners walking around or at Co op! My biggest flaw... not watering enough. Have you heard of Kozy Koats? They are plastic things to fill up with water to go around your peppers or tomatoes? I used milk jugs with the bottoms cut out for a mini green house for the peppers until they were too big... I could water them through the spouts :) Blessings and abundance be yours!