Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bathroom Cupboard Revolution

I'm bad at titles.....
These last few months  I've been working on cleaning out my bathroom.  I'm not talking about organization (that's not what I do)  I'm talking about changing the products that I use.  Going without, like in the case of Shampoo,  or making it myself,  like deodorant or lotions.

Won't you smell bad?  You Ask....
Maybe, but I have enlisted the help of my husband.  It is his job to tell me if I stink,  and he knows how to be painfully honest.

Why in the world would you ever do that?
A few reasons,
 #1 In a time where everything is getting linked to cancer,  how could it hurt to just simplify the things I put on my skin.  Just like we are trying to eat "real food" as in food we can pronounce,  why not take that to the next level and only put things we can easily say on our skin.

#2  It's a whole lot cheaper.  If I go from using shampoo, to not using shampoo,  that's like a savings of 100%.

#3  Stick it to the man.  Who says I need to wash my hair everyday?  People for centuries have gone their whole lives without shampoo, and they have probably had really nice hair. Why has it changed now?  Because the "man" needs money,  so the "man" tells us we need to shampoo everyday,  and that in turn makes our hair dry which means we need conditioner everyday too, as well as hair gel and moose.  So, this "man" has just made a whole butt load of money. Well, I say "Suck it! Mr. proverbial man"  I will not use shampoo and in doing so I will eliminate the need for conditioner and styling products. AND, just because I can, and you don't want me to,  I will make my own deodorant and lotions and maybe even soap.

The Revolution has started.

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  1. When I read this I thought of Alex. Have you been living with a Thiessen so long that he has rubbed off on you? Or have you always been a "stick it the man" type of gal, but kept in quiet? A little volcano waiting to erupt and say "no way!"??? I LIKE IT!