Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make your own coconut milk

 A few "health kicks" ago, we were really into coconut milk.  We bought it all the time and used it in everything.  I remember it being kinda expensive and it came in a can.  Now days I've gotten kinda cheap,  and I like to avoid canned goods when possible.

This has always been in my "you can't make that yourself" category.  But if I think about it,  Coconut milk does not fall from a tree already in a can. It goes through a process, and if somebody in a factory can do that process then why can't I? You could say I'm a little slow about these things.

Oh, one more thing, the health benefits of coconut milk are many.  Read about them here.

Here's the Recipe
 Take one cup of unsweetened coconut (preferably organic) and one cup of hot water and blend in your food processor for 30 seconds.
 Let it steep for 5-10 minutes.
Strain through a colander.  Squeeze out as much milk as you can with a spoon.
Put the coconut back in the food processor with another cup of hot water and do it all again.
I did this three times, I stopped because the coconut didn't taste like coconut anymore,  so I figured I had gotten all the juice out of it.

This keeps in the fridge for about 2 days.   I made soup for lunch with it,  maybe I'll post the recipe tomorrow.  I really can't remember all the things we used to make with coconut milk.  Is there anybody out there in internet land who has some good recipes?

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  1. you can(we DID) the same thing with almonds and then use the almond pulp in baking(we haven't yet).. Oh the first we is US, the second we will be Colleen.....

  2. Thanks for the info Steve.... as well as the honesty ;)

  3. I put it in curry dishes :)

  4. Sounds exciting! We love coconut milk too, and I even make home made lotions out of coconut oil and beeswax, I can give you the recipe if you want. Super easy and great benefits. I also wanted to let you know that we have a soy milk maker, Soy Quick brand, that we bought to make milk. Although it makes any kind of 'milk' (oat, almond, barley, rice, soy etc.), by grinding, then heating it etc. We've saved bundles of $ by making it ourselves, and I've even been able to use organic beans. Thought you might be interested- the machine is made in Vancouver and I was purchase a discounted used machine that was used once in demonstrations for an exhibition. Happy cooking :) Stacey Mennie.

  5. Thanks Stacey, That sounds really cool, I've never heard of a soy milk maker. What are your favorite milks to make?
    I have just recently start making lotions with beeswax and in a few days I think I'll post about deodorant made with coconut oil.