Monday, January 16, 2012

Give your cold some Tea

We're a bunch of sickies at this house right now.  Everyone's having some sort of cough and runny nose.  Tis' the season I guess.  This is our first cold of the winter,  so I think we're doing pretty good.  This is something we've been having a lot of this week.

Cold Tea
(it's for a cold,  it's not actually cold)
2 cups water
4-6 cloves of garlic
honey and lemon juice to taste

-just boil the water and garlic together a few minutes until the garlic is soft and mushy.  Strain out the garlic and add honey and lemon juice.

O.K.  so,  that's the base recipe,  but I hardly ever do that.  Here are some other things you can put in there to help your cold.

Anise seed - relieves coughs

Ginger - breaks up congestion

Thyme - antimicrobial,  good for relieving respiratory infections.

Onions - breaks up congestion

You can put any or all of those things in your tea.  It tastes good as long as you have enough honey. It feels just like a good cup of Neo Citron.

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